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Garage Door Repair Safety Tips

When using the push button or transmitter, keep the door in sight until it completely stops moving. Teach children never to play under or near an open garage door.

Garage Door Spring Replacement & Repair

Garage door springs hold the tension that is used to move the garage door. Worn out or broken springs are the most common cause for garage door malfunction. Malfunctioning springs should be replaced immediately to keep your door functioning safely. Changing garage door springs can be a very dangerous job because of the pent-up tension being held by the springs. Replacing the springs without the proper training and experience is discouraged because mishandling the spring tension could lead to personal injury or property damage. The professionals at Advanced Garage Door are properly trained to safely complete the job.

Spring replacement is an urgent problem that should be addressed immediately. If one spring is broken, it is important to replace both springs because the second spring will probably break not long after. Your garage door will not be able to function safely with broken springs. There are two main types of garage door springs. The first type is side-mounted springs. Located on each side of the garage door, these heavy springs utilize the initial tension while the door is closed. The other type of spring is the torsion spring. Torsion springs are mounted to a stationary metal shaft, parallel to the garage door. The door opens when the torsion spring uncoils and releases its tension. It is important that the entire set of parts related to the spring mechanism be changed at once to ensure safe operation of your door.

Although it is highly recommended to hire garage door professionals to handle spring replacement, it is highly encouraged that you research every possible safety precaution before attempting to perform the job yourself. Performing this job yourself is still a risk to your health and property which is why Advanced Garage Door offers this service performed by experienced technicians that know how to avoid mishaps handling the springs. Call Advanced Garage Door to talk to a professional about your spring replacement needs.

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